trading of contracts for difference

Financika Provides Traders the Tools for Successful Investing

Investors have been trading securities for hundreds of years, but it has only been since 1994 that investors have been able to trade securities over the internet. Today there are dozens of brokers who provide online trading services and one of the newest ones is Financika. Financika was established in 2014 and has quickly become a trustworthy brand that offers secure trading in currencies, contracts for difference (CFDs), stocks, commodities and indices. They offer many tools for investors who are just starting out and experienced investors which includes an all-inclusive education package and professional trading tools that provide market updates and analysis.

Account Types

Financika offers six different types of accounts that can meet the needs of investors, and these accounts are: Discovery, Silver, Gold, Premium, Platinum and VIP. An investor will need to decide how much they have available to start investing before choosing an account because each account has a different entry point. For instance, in order to open a Discovery account, an investor will need to have $300 – $399 to invest, or to open a VIP account, an investor will have to have $10,000 or more to invest. All of the accounts come with a free ebook and online trading courses and training, 1:200 leverage in forex trading and a personal account manager. The Silver through VIP account provides additional levels of services.

trading of contracts for difference

Investment Types

Once an investor opens an account, he will have the ability to trade the most common types of investment products. The most common forms of investment products that comes to mind for most people are stocks and stock indices, commodities, and to a lesser extent, forex or trading in currencies. Financika allows investors to trade in an investment that most people may not have heard of which is the contract for difference, or CFD. CFDs allows investors to trade in an asset and realize a profit or loss without ever owning the asset such as a stock, index, currency or commodity.

Investor Education

Financika has an online trading academy where beginner and experienced investors can learn everything from trading strategies, market analysis and placing orders on Financika’s trading platforms. They also provide investors with the latest news on markets around the world including newsflash notifications and trading signals that alerts investors throughout the day. Financika provides a wealth of information and tools for its users so that they can be successful investors.

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