pretty woman

90s Chick Flicks that Stole Hearts

The 90s were prime time for the ultimate chick flicks. Girls everywhere scrambled to the movie theater and found someone new to imitate, or a dreamy heartthrob to hang on their wall. Here are some of the 90s chick flicks that will forever be in the hearts of 90s girls. Pretty Woman Pretty Woman was Read More

digital cinema

Digital projection in cinema

Digital projection in cinema Gone are the days of large film canisters traveling through the mail or ups system. Those huge, heavy big orange colored metal boxes have been replaced with the advent of digital movie projection in cinemas. Digital movies can be sent via the internet, satellite link or on a small media storage Read More

movie the departed

Best movies of 2000’s

The 2000s were an interesting time for movies because it was when all the superhero movies started to come out, and it was the same time when the small independent movies started to come back into style. You could see showings of these movies even today at some cinemas, and you can have an experience Read More

trading of contracts for difference

Financika Provides Traders the Tools for Successful Investing

Investors have been trading securities for hundreds of years, but it has only been since 1994 that investors have been able to trade securities over the internet. Today there are dozens of brokers who provide online trading services and one of the newest ones is Financika. Financika was established in 2014 and has quickly become Read More

Why Should You Obtain A Master’s in Marketing in Italy?

Obtaining a Master in marketing from the Bologna Business School is a highly regarded achievement in the corporate sector and in the global community because the University of Bologna is recognized as the oldest learning institution in the western world. Read More

Stainless Steel I Beam

Five reasons to consider stainless steel i beam products in your project

A stainless steel i beam is usually made of structural steel and is associated with either I or H- shaped cross sections as part of a physical feature. The horizontal “I” parts are known as the flanges, while the vertical part is known as the “web”. The product’s attributes include; high strength, toughness and high corrosion resistance. As such, it is highly beneficial towards the architectural industry. Read More

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