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Best movies of 2000’s

The 2000s were an interesting time for movies because it was when all the superhero movies started to come out, and it was the same time when the small independent movies started to come back into style. You could see showings of these movies even today at some cinemas, and you can have an experience that will take you back to a time when you were going to cinema more often.

Love Actually

Love, Actually is one of the best movies of the period because it is a movie with every superstar in it you can imagine. It is an amazing movie that will remind you of all these great stars, and it even has young stars in it who would go on to do great things.


Spiderman is another movie that started a trend. There are a lot of superhero movies out there now, and they all started with Spiderman. It is a great portrayal of the superhero genre, and it is a good performance from Tobey MacGuire.

The Departed

movie the departed

The Departed is another movie that brings together a lot of superstars into one picture. All the people from Jack Nicholson to Mark Wahlberg are amazing, and they tell a very complex story in a way that is very compelling to watch.

Batman Begins

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are the origin story of how Batman goes from The Batman to a real hero. He is a tortured soul who manages to fight crime, but he does not do that without consequences.


Gladiator probably has the best line of any movie of the period, and it is one of the best lines of all time. The movie has Russell Crowe asking if they are not entertained in the arena, and it says a lot about how society watches calamity without dealing with it.

These are the best films of the 2000s, but they are not the only ones. They are the pinnacle of cinema that was touched off in this decade. These films have been picked up in style over time as there are more films coming from Fox Searchlight, and there are more people making smaller films with low budgets. It has made a creative renaissance in Hollywood that is hard to miss because everyone’s factor actors are in nice little movies today.

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