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90s Chick Flicks that Stole Hearts

The 90s were prime time for the ultimate chick flicks. Girls everywhere scrambled to the movie theater and found someone new to imitate, or a dreamy heartthrob to hang on their wall. Here are some of the 90s chick flicks that will forever be in the hearts of 90s girls.

Pretty Womanpretty woman

Pretty Woman was the beginning of 90s chick flicks. Debuting in 1990 this rag to riches story made every girl swoon. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere’s chemistry was sizzling. The Cinderella story of a prostitute falling in love with a wealthy business man made girls all over the country wish for someone to save them.



Alicia Silverstone plays a daddy’s-little-rich girl in this fun 90s rom-com. Cher, played by Alicia, is the daughter to a wealthy lawyer, and loves to play matchmaker. Her and her friend get two teachers together to make it easier for better grades. Then, she takes in new student Tai and makes her popular. Cher believes she is doing all of this to help others, but her step brother Josh, played by Paul Rudd, points out she is being selfish. Once Tai starts to take over Cher’s spotlight she realizes Josh was right, and they fall in love.

10 Things I Hate About You

In this movie where Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger stole hearts across America, Kat(Stiles) starts dating so her little sister Bianca (Larisa Oleynik) can go to prom. Kat is abrasive and does not like to follow high school norms. Kat reluctantly dates new guy Patrick Verona(Ledger), and inevitable they fall in love. This chick flick made all girls feel like anyone in high school could find love.

She’s All That

This movie was one that made Freddie Prince Jr. the heartthrob of all teenage girls. Jr. plays Zach Siler, an All-American high school jock that is dumped by his popular cheerleader girlfriend for a reality show star. To gain back his popularity he takes a bet that he can turn any nerd into prom queen. The object of this be is nerd-girl Laney Boggs and she becomes beautiful. He realizes that he loves her, and this 90s romantic comedy made girls hearts swoon.

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