mobile seats for stadium

Mario Orlando & Figli Stadium Seats and Tribunes

Event planning

Planning for events may seem to be simple; however that is not the case. Many logistical challenges come with planning a successful event. Events like weddings, funerals commercial shows, sports, and many other common events need a lot of expertise and materials in ensuring that the whole arrangement is incredibly colorful. There is need therefore of engaging experienced event organizers that will make your event to be unique and properly organized. Planning your event well is a significant step in ensuring the success of the event. Exhibitions, sporting activities and other events need a lot of organizational skills. Working with professional event planners is imperative, you can customize your show by designing the stages and the tribunes that suit your needs and test. Some events are big attracting so many people; you may not have the necessary materials for the event, hiring some of the needed items makes your event a success. For mega structures, you may just need the services of experts in building mega tents, stands, stadiums and tribunes.

Mario Orlando & Figli

There are many event organizers and planners in the market today. Mario Orlando & Figli is one of the companies that has excelled in the event planning and organization platform. The company has since its establishment in 1984 expanded its activities from building and constructions to event planning and exhibition. Some of the activities it engages in include: sports exhibition, vending and hire of stages, stadium seats and modular tribunes, roof system, towers for amplification, platforms, solariums, display stands, election booths, and chairs for meetings. The company provides customized services that suit customer needs.

Stadium chairs and facilities

mobile seats for stadium

Their long experience in the market has certainly made them producers of quality building materials, sports materials and other sporting materials like stadium chairs. Their products are quality and prioritize the security of their customers. The company works with various clients ranging from public and private entities, sports companies and enterprises dealing with performances and events. Sporting facilities are designed with quality and up to date state of the art stadium chairs with modular sitting arrangement. There are different models of tribunes that are adapted in developing quality and durable stands.

For shows that need unique stages which are designed with perfect versatility and are fast to assemble are produced by Mario Orlando & Figli. The stands are also customized regarding color. The company has influenced and changed the face of building and constructions of mega structures for events like sports shows and exhibitions.

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