Month: April 2017

Modular Office Furniture Sedus

Modular Office Furniture for Open Office Settings

How To Create a Private Feel in an Open Office Setting

Businesses are more often than not going the route of creating more open offices. There are many several reasons for this. Having an environment that is more open is thought to believe that barriers that can occur between co-workers is more likely to be broken down. It is also easier for communication between the office to occur. Although this type of layout can be beneficial for certain reasons, it is not always the best route. Sometimes privacy is needed for things like a phone call or for things that require a lot of concentration so a quiet environment is desired.

When working in an office with an open layout, it doesn’t always mean that the employees are doomed from having some privacy. There are certain things that can be done to put in a little more privacy like modular office furniture. Read More

The Fastest Growing Careers In Leeds

Are you interested in job vacancies in Leeds? If you’re not, and you’re looking for employment or considering changing careers, then you should be. Leeds is one of the United Kingdom’s most successful economic centres, with the country’s highest employment rate, and ranked third in terms of employment diversity. And it’s not just the UK Read More