Stainless Steel I Beam

Five reasons to consider stainless steel i beam products in your project

A stainless steel i beam is usually made of structural steel and is associated with either I or H- shaped cross sections as part of a physical feature. The horizontal “I” parts are known as the flanges, while the vertical part is known as the “web”. The product’s attributes include; high strength, toughness and high corrosion resistance. As such, it is highly beneficial towards the architectural industry.

I-beams can be versatile and are available in various shapes. While pertaining to the architectural or construction industry, these stainless steel products are available in a variety of standard sizes and can be used both on their own or will be used compositely with other materials, mainly concrete. When choosing I-beams during any architectural project, there are various factors that may have to be considered and do include the following: Cost, weight, sustainability, fire resistance, and corrosion.

• Cost – The cost of these materials mainly depends on availability of the materials and the location of the project. The fluctuating price depends on the fact that steel is sold by the pound. Mileage involved does affect gasoline pricing.

• Weight – Information based on the strength of the product over its density is required in order to determine how useful the product is based on the weight, cost, and ease of construction.

• Sustainability – A sustainable product will have minimal effect on the environment and the life cycle of the project upon completion.

• Fire resistance – Fire hazard conditions have to be taken into consideration. Heated temperatures under fire conditions can reduce the strength of the materials significantly.

• Corrosion – Corrosion hazards have to be taken into consideration. Some of these hazards include: water, heat, humidity and salt.

I-beam stainless products have become popular and are used world-wide. The fact that these products are characterized with structural steel intensifies the increase in demand. Skyscrapers have been built with materials that pass the “constructability” test, high strength-to –weight ratio materials, are fire resistant, and have high corrosive qualities. A stainless steel i beam can be extruded into shape, hot rolled or laser-fused as part of the metal processing

Stainless i beam materials can be sterilized and sanitized, as a result, any upkeep will be become that much easier. The stainless traits prevent any rusting; meanwhile, the stiffness quality they are famous for minimizes any deformation. There is also increased product usage in settings that are sensitive to vibrations such as offices.